More education support for children and young people in care

Education is critical to a child’s wellbeing and development and a supportive learning environment sets them up to succeed.

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A recently completed in-depth assessment of education needs and experiences of children and young people in care or youth justice has highlighted their aspirations and challenges they experience.

What the assessment found

Through this assessment, children and young people in care or youth justice have told agencies they want to learn, but often don’t receive the extra support they need to engage and succeed in the education system.  

It found that children and young people in care and youth justice need: 

  • stable, supportive learning environments that help them through transitions 
  • culturally responsive teaching 
  • greater recognition of their achievements
  • additional support for caregivers to make sure they can meet the education needs of children and young people in their care.  

Improving educational outcomes for children and young people in care

Oranga Tamariki and the Ministry of Education have together identified additional short- and long-term actions that will help address the barriers for those children and young people and make it easier for them to engage in education.  

These include:  

  • continuing to work with iwi organisations to contract attendance services  
  • establishing processes to help kaimahi in different agencies work better together to get children and young people the extra support they need
  • engaging with whānau caregivers on what they need to support the children and young people on their education journeys.  

Read the full in-depth needs assessment and cross agency response: Education (in care) | Oranga Tamariki Action Plan 

Making progress to identify and address extra support for children

'We need to achieve a different experience for children, young people, their families, and whānau in need, as well as the social workers and other kaimahi who support them,' said Phil Grady, Deputy Chief Executive, System Leadership at Oranga Tamariki.  
'The children’s agencies are making good progress around identifying the needs across various aspects of the system through the Oranga Tamariki Action Plan, and getting a commitment in place to drive that change,' Phil said.  
Find out more about all the needs assessments we’ve published so far: Understanding need | Oranga Tamariki Action Plan

Published: June 8, 2023 · Updated: June 8, 2023